About Us


Our Story.

Our story. It's just beginning.

Peace Country Milling & Grains was founded in the early 80's by Bill and Jean Hoag. Bill, a farmer, and at one point a Purity Flour salesman, and Jean, a schoolteacher and daughter of a family who made their livelihood in printing, followed their vision of 'back to the roots' living.

They started farming organically. On the old homestead where Bill grew up, near the scenic Smoky River in Northern Alberta, they set up a mill and started grinding their organic grain. Imagine the satisfaction they felt after their first bag of flour was milled and they were ready to start sharing their love of the land as wholesome food. 

Through the years, they started a friendship with Roy and Judy Toews, along with their five boys.  The Toews' were also longtime grain farmers and cattle farmers and in the mid 90's, Roy's took over the mill and the land, continuing with the same vision, only now they took steps forward, getting organic flour into more homes through the love of sharing their craft with family and friends. From organic grocery centres to health food stores, they shared their freshly ground goodness. 

As time moved along, dynamics changed and the decision was made to sell the mill. In 2019, we, Lyle and Starla Toews and Co., took over the business and another story is being written. 


Made with Pride.

Carefully milled in small quantities, we stand behind every batch. Questions? Concerns? We want to hear what you have to say. 


Locally Grown.

We refuse to compromise on quality in our mill. That's why we source our grains from local farmers. Every time.


Our Vision

As the world gets crazier and people move faster, there is a yearning in every soul for those quiet moment, those family memories. Our small, family run mill is her e to provide the nourishing grains and healthy flour for those special moments. A whole wheat pancake or crepe at the beginning of the day creates refreshed body and mind. A slice of fresh wholegrain bread at the end of a long day creates warmth and memories. As a busy family ourselves, we understand what it takes to make this happen. That's why as your neighbours and friends, and the family next door, we want the best for you.

Come talk to us. Send us a message. We are, "The Best Little Flour in the North!"